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Game Thread: Knicks at Grizzlies- 1/12/12

Evening, gym bags! The Knicks are on TNT tonight, facing the Grizzlies in the second of a back-to-back (for the Knicks, not the Grizz). Memphis has lost three straight and have been struggling a bit since losing Zach Randolph (still <3 u, Z-Bo), but those losses have been relatively close affairs against tough opponents in the Jazz, Lakers, and Thunder (including two on the road). They're a feisty club and, if you remember the events that preceded last year's "I DO THIS!" moment, you'll recall that they're capable of forcing a lot of turnovers and getting out in transition against sloppy ball handling.

Again, the game's on TNT (and therefore not on MSG) and starts at 8 PM. If you're watching, comment along and don't forget to check out Straight Outta Vancouver. As always, please refrain from posting .gifs, photos, illegal streams, and songs about cacti in the thread.

In honor of our fallen comrade Randolph, get them Ws. <3