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Carmelo Anthony will be a game-time decision against the Magic.

We saw how the Knicks looked against an elite team sans Carmelo Anthony on Saturday, and I think we'd all rather not see that again. The Magic don't pose quite as massive a challenge as the Thunder did in Oklahoma City, but they're still probably not a foe to be met short-handed. As things currently stand, Melo's status remains uncertain. From Howard Beck of the Times:

Anthony participated in a team walk-through Sunday and afterward told reporters that he would try to play on Monday, when the Knicks host the Orlando Magic in a matinee. Officially, the Knicks are calling Anthony questionable.

Anthony ran on an underwater treadmill Sunday and planned to run on the court later in the day, according to a team spokesman. If he has no setbacks, he will test the ankle again Monday morning before seeking clearance to play.

1. Melo is way too cool for regular treadmills. If it's not in an anti-gravity balloon/Missy Elliott video or underwater, then he's not interested in running inside it. Maybe a volcano treadmill or a treadmill inside a whale's belly, but definitely not any stupid regular land treadmill. Gross.

2. I really don't want to see Melo come back too soon and reinjure himself and, for what it's worth, I'd wager that the Melo-less Knicks match up a lot better with the Magic than they did with the Thunder. But hey, if he's ready already, then I'm already ready, you know?