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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Magic- 1/16/12

Good day, friends! On this Martin Luther King Day, the Knicks' annual matinee will bring the Orlando Magic to the Garden for a 1 PM tip-off. The big news at the moment is that Carmelo Anthony-- he of the sprained wrist and ankle-- will return to the starting lineup after missing just one game. Hopefully, he can be effective and not cause too much stress to his sore parts.

Meanwhile, this feels like the game in Dwight Howard's entire career in which the Knicks will have somebody reasonably tall and capable to match up with the big dude. It'll be interesting to see how Tyson Chandler handles Howard, whether or not the Knicks double, and, if they do, if they're diligent enough to contest folks out on the perimeter. (One can envision Ryan Anderson absolutely throttling these Knicks).

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