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Jeremy Lin, Jerome Jordan Assigned to D-League

Bit of breaking news at this hour. From Howard Beck:

Historic Knicks moment: They just assigned two players to the D League for the first time: Jeremy Lin and Jerome Jordan to the Erie Bayhawks

It's historic, of course, because the Knicks have never ever sent anybody down to the D-League. They've hardly used their various affiliates over the years at all because Mike D'Antoni's always been opposed, so I suppose this signifies a change of heart. Neither Lin nor Jordan was seeing more than garbage minutes, so it makes sense for the two of them to head somewhere where they'll actually get to play basketball, even if that somewhere is Erie, Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, as Beck notes, assigning folks doesn't open up roster spots or anything, so there's no reason to take this as a precursor for some other move. Just a move by the organization toward using a resource that's been available this whole time but rarely, if ever, utilized. Have fun, Jeremy and Jerome!