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Carmelo Anthony misses practice with a family issue, uncertain for Friday?

Folks were probably waiting to hear Carmelo Anthony's comments after he shot 5-22 against the Suns, but a few reporters mentioned late last night that Anthony was not available for post-game interviews because he had departed to attend to a "family issue". This morning, it came out that Anthony was excused from practice today because of whatever's going on. And now Howard Beck isn't even sure that Anthony will be ready in time for Friday night's game against the Milwaukee Bucks:

It's unclear whether Carmelo will play Friday night. Hope to know more later.

So, here's hoping that Melo is ready for Friday (if anything, a day off practice might give him a little time to heal. The wrist still isn't right, and he keeps stepping on that ankle funny), but here's mostly hoping that everything's okay with the Anthonys. I'll add to this post if I come across any updates regarding Melo's status.

Update: Alan Hahn says Melo is expected to play tomorrow.