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Chris Broussard's anonymous source says that Deron Williams has a list and the Knicks are on that list and everybody should care about the list.

A few of y'all have already brought this up (thanks mindfeck), but here's the thing that Chris Broussard posted this afternoon about Deron Williams. Deron Williams, you see, is a player on the Nets who will become a free agent this summer. Like all the cool free agents these days, he's apparently assembled a "wish list" (a list that is never written, but instead communicated to people without names who have Chris Broussard's BBM pin), and the Knicks are apparently on that "list", as they always are when people make "wish lists". Of course, there are other teams on that "list", and said "list" is meaningless if the Nets can convince Williams to stick with them en route to Brooklyn (which seems likely). Here's a thing:

Williams has grown to enjoy living in New York and he is excited about the off-the-court business opportunities the city provides, so if Howard doesn't join him with the Nets, he would love to remain in New York and play for the Knicks, sources said. While no trade talks have taken place between the clubs, the Knicks could theoretically offer either Carmelo Anthony or Amare Stoudemire, thus giving the Nets a superstar to lead them to Brooklyn.

Whatever. I'm not one to concern myself with such a distant possibility and will erase this entire notion from my memory NOW. You're welcome to discuss it, though. Wait, discuss what? What am I doing at this computer?