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Bucks 100, Knicks 86: "I'd rather eat a cactus than watch these Knicks."

The above comment from Chocolate_milk is on the money. This is pretty difficult to watch. You sit in front of your TV for two and a half hours while the Knicks switch wildly and leave shooters open and that sadistic little imp Brandon Jennings runs amok for a season-high in points and the Bucks-- a team that was 0-8 on the road-- get easy buckets off turnovers and second chances and Carmelo Anthony flings isolation jumpers at the back of the rim and Amar'e Stoudemire strides directly into the chest of a help defender and Knicks throw passes off each other's necks and so many open looks get squandered that the ball stops moving entirely and the team goes eight-plus minutes without hitting a field goal and the crowd gets ornery and guys commit petty, retaliative fouls and half the internet celebrates the Knicks' demise while the other half thinks they can solve it by firing one guy or trading another and...

...really, eating a cactus starts to seem like a better option (and I'm assuming Chocolate_milk meant a raw, spiny one, not some tasty nopales). It's just as rough going down, but the pain doesn't last for quite as long. A few minutes of chewing, some esophageal bleeding, and you're all set to go do other things with your Friday night. And at no point does the cactus briefly morph into a delicious sandwich and give you pause, only to revert to its cactaceous form, only with longer, sharper spines, the foul stench of decay, and zero ball movement.

Eating a cactus > watching the Knicks right now. No doubt in my mind.