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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nuggets- 1/21/12

Evening, homesteaders. We've got a compelling match-up on our hands tonight, as Carmelo Anthony faces his old friends here in New York and a couple of our old friends make their returns to the Garden. But aside from all of that intrigue, (the above video is the extent of my sappiness for the evening. I promise.) this is yet another chance for New York to put some basketball together and crack out of this hideous losing streak. The Nuggets are a considerably better team than the Knicks right now, but they'll be playing their fourth game in five nights and doing so without Arron Afflalo (spelled right on the first try) and Rudy Fernandez, though Nene (took me like four tries) will return to the lineup.

It'll be verrrrry interesting to see how Melo-- who, remember, is still hampered by myriad sore body parts-- approaches the match-up with his old club. A lot of folks suspect he'll try to isolate and devastate even more than usual, and others have suggested that the motivation associated with facing his old team (and especially his old coach) might propel him to a career outing. That all remains to be seen, and it'll take much more than that for these Knicks to beat those Nuggets.

Comment here if you're watching, check out Denver Stiffs, be kind to one another, try not to get TOO emotional, and remember to refrain from posting .gifs, photos, illegal streams, or essays about raisins in the thread. Go Knicks!