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Josh Harrellson fractured his wrist, needs surgery.

I'm working on the recap right now, but this rather unpleasant news just broke. From Jamie O'Grady:

Josh Harrellson has a fractured right wrist and will be out 6 weeks from the surgery which isn't scheduled yet.

That's very, very bad news. Jorts had been a major contributor to the second unit-- shooting, rebounding, and defending at levels way beyond what anybody expected of him. And that shooting was crucial to a team sorely lacking in that department. That said, there are several alternatives on the roster. Jared Jeffries, who's been okay since returning, will probably see more minutes, and Steve Novak and Renaldo Balkman could get unearthed from the bench as well. It also wouldn't be surprising if Jerome Jordan, who just got assigned to the D-League (and reportedly played great in his debut) gets called back over to New York.

In any event, this news sucks several balls. We wish Jorts an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery. Blub.