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Carmelo Anthony got unusually introspective after last night's game.

I don't typically put much stock in post-game quotes, in large part because our Knicks have always been trained to give dull, vapid answers to combat the poking and prying of the New York media. And Carmelo Anthony's embraced that approach wholeheartedly, tending to deflect and defuse criticism that a lot of us would rather hear him address. Last night, though, he at least took a step toward acknowledging his foibles. Al Iannazzone (Alan Hahn's replacement at Newsday, by the way) was kind enough to to box Melo's semi-contrite post-game musings together for us:

Here are some of the things Anthony said:

"Maybe I need to not take so many shots."

"Maybe I should take the blame for the games weve been losing, offensive struggles. Coach does run the offense through me. So Ill take it. Ill take that blame."

"Maybe its a time to reevaluate everything, reevaluate my body, sit with the trainers, see whats going on, he said. Im kind of hard-headed as far as them telling me to sit out games. I dont really know how to take that. Maybe its time to reevaluate that."

(Others that went unpublished: "Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time", "Maybe I didn't treat you quite as good as I should have.", "Maybe the people would be the times or between Clark and Hilldale", "Definitely, maybe.", "Maeby Fünke".)

I could be wrong, but this little string of mea maybe culpas [high fives self] seems a more honest, self-aware assessment of Melo's downfalls than we've seen or heard since he's been a Knick. Granted, it's all stuff that was glow-in-the-dark obvious to the rest of us, and, granted, the answer to each of those "maybes" could be "but...nahhhh". If Melo decides he needs to sit some games (which was the expectation a few reporters got from it), then so be it, but I'm hoping most of all that this signals some-- ANY-- sort of change in mindset going forward (note that Melo also shouldered the blame for Amar'e' not getting involved, which was good of him). I refuse to believe that the guy can look at stuff like this and not take any lesson from it, and that goes for D'Antoni too. (Though, to be fair, Melo hit ridiculous isolation shots over three people in last night's fourth quarter and overtimes at about the same rate that guards hit wide-open jumpers. Yes, Amar'e should be involved and, yes, Melo needs to strike a balance, but let's not forget the season-long inability to execute from key role players.)

I don't know. I'm probably grasping at straws. Y'all saying Melo is a selfish dullard who couldn't possibly wise up this late in his career could be right. I remain hopeful because that's just how I cope in times like these for my Knicks. By all means, though, go back to begging for the guy to be traded for a desk or drowned in pudding or whatever in the comments.