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The Knicks recalled both Jeremy Lin and Jerome Jordan.

Welcome back, guys! Thanks for going to Erie and picking up those sandwiches for us. Took you long enough. Jerome, did you remember to have them put just a smidgen of honey mustard on mine? No, I know, but did you specifically say "just a smidgen"? Oh, okay. Well, there better not be too much honey mustard on this or I'm sending you back. Let's see this bad boy. Oh, man. Ohhh man. Mmmm. Mffffmmf. Mmm. Gotta say, it's a little heavy on the honey mustard, but you're alright, Jerome.

Hey, did you guys take a look around Erie while you were there? I mean, you were gone for six goddamn days. There must be something else there besides the number one best sandwiches in the world.

Basketball? Oh, well that's nice! Glad you guys could find a game.

Oh, a triple-double, huh? Hey nice job, little buddy! And how about you, Jerome, did you keep your own stats as well?

You...what? D-League? What the hell is that?

Oh. Whatever. Go practice.