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Melo Still Melo

There we were after Saturday night's hearbreaking game, mulling over another aggravating performance from Carmelo Anthony when, lo, Melo himself vaguely acknowledged our despair and even expressed hints of contrition in his legendary maybe culpa post-game speech. It was pretty out of character for a guy who's more prone to tuning out criticism and just doing what he does. Fear not, though. That was but a fleeting moment of self-awareness, and we're now back to your regularly scheduled programming. From Howard Beck:

Meanwhile, Melo downplayed his post game melancholy from Sat nite. Said he was being hard on himself.

Carmelo not rethinking his shot selection, despite his remarks Saturday. "I was just beating myself up," he said.

There's our Melo! I was worried about the guy for a second.

(Seriously, though, it'll be very interesting to see how the shot distribution and reliance on Melo iso, particularly in the fourth quarter, changes-- if at all-- going forward. The aftermath of the Denver game felt like it could be a turning point, but maybe not. Exciting!)