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Game Thread: Knicks at Cavaliers- 1/25/12

Evening, grapefaces! The Knicks' road trip continues tonight in Cleveland, the Land of Enchantment. We were getting a little excited that Baron Davis might make his Knicks debut (in a cameo) this evening, but he will not do that. The rest of the Knicks, however, will play, and will look to build upon last night's merciless smothering of the Bobcats.

The Cavs own a nearly identical record to the Knicks and have added Kyrie Irving to a lineup that throttled New York a few times last season (although they subtracted Baron Davis, who killed the Knicks at least once), so I wouldn't count on another blowout.

Meanwhile, New York will be wearing white because the Cavs want to wear their "wine jerseys". Don't be alarmed.

Comment here if you're watching, check out Fear the Sword, and please refrain from posting photos, .gifs, illegal streams, and e-books about ox leather in the thread. Let's make it two straight, eh Knicks?

Tip-off's at 7.