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Probably No Baron Davis on Friday, Maybe Saturday?

I don't think anybody's expecting much from Baron Davis in his first few games, but just a glimpse of the guy-- a cool layup, a fancy pass, a confident beard stroke-- would really help break up the early season monotony we've been witnessing. There was fleeting hope that he'd make a cameo last night against his old team, but no such luck. And the next one's not sounding to promising either. From Al Iannazzone:

"It’s just a matter of when I can get over that last bit of soreness, that last bit of pain, and continue to get stronger, being able to push for an extended period of time," Davis said. "Right now I can go in spurts. I’m just not comfortable mentally or physically out there."

Friday in Miami — a nationally televised game — remains doubtful with a possible return Saturday in Houston. But there’s no guarantees Davis is in or out for any game on the trip.

"It might be a little much," coach Mike D’Antoni said of Davis facing the Heat. "I’ll talk to the medical staff. Might not be the best game to do it, but we’ll see.’’

Yeah, it's best that he take his time. We can be patient. I'll just grin creepily at this video of him talking about being tired and out of shape again. Patient as a...puma. No need to rush.


How about now?