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Yo! Mike D'Antoni Raps Kinda

The main purpose of this post is to direct you to Alan Hahn's newest "Knicks Fix" (now over at MSG), but it's also here to showcase the impeccable flow of one Mike D'Antoni. Here he is spitting about, well, flow, actually:

"That's what we have to do and we're not doing it all the time. And then because we can't score points, every little thing is magnified . . . We have to open our offense up, we gotta run, we gotta move the ball and we gotta go. We gotta go. It's gotta move, it's gotta flow. And right now we can't get the flow."

You can witness the rhymes at about 1:07 of the linked video. It's a stretch, but if I can't find ways to distract myself from the Knicks' on-court product right now, I'm gonna lose my mind and start snatching schoolchildren.

But...uh...anyway, the section on the Knicks' offensive struggles is worth a look, as is Hahn's bit about New York's three-point shooting. He, like many of us, figures that letting Steve Novak spin might at least be worth a shot. Couldn't possibly hurt.