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Iman Shumpert could return much sooner than expected.

How about some good news? From Marc Berman of the Post:

Iman Shumpert could return for tomorrow’s game against the Bobcats, easily beating the Knicks’ 2-to-4-week timetable.

The Knicks dynamic rookie combo guard spent the morning shootaround leaping and dunking, cutting and grooving to the basket. Shumpert hasn’t played since spraining his left MCL in a collision with the Celtics’ Chris Wilcox in the season opener.

Those of us who watched last night's game got to see some footage of Shumpert practicing in a brace, (which, according to the report, he'll have to wear for a while once he returns) and he did look pretty comfortable running and cutting and stuff. Obviously, as is always the case, the foremost concern is making sure that Shump does not aggravate the injury. But if he's deemed ready to go this early, the Knicks could really benefit from his contributions off the bench. The second unit is badly in need of some scoring, defense, and leadership, and he could potentially provide all three. 'Twould be a pleasant surprise.