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Carmelo Anthony and Baron Davis are both "doubtful" for Tuesday.

Tuesday's return to Madison Square Garden for a match-up with the Pistons is shaping up to be another fun-filled endeavor. From the sound of things, the Knicks will probably be as short-handed as they were for the last two games. Alan Hahn just twat:

DAntoni says both Melo and Baron are doubtful for tomorrows game vs DET.

Neither Carmelo Anthony nor Baron Davis practiced with the team today (both worked out separate from the rest of the guys). Davis apparently has a "little issue"-- no word on whether that's with his back or with his conditioning-- that's holding him back at the moment. Perhaps he's still dumbfounded from meeting Betty White?

Josh Harrellson, meanwhile, showed up at practice with his right wrist in a cast, but occupied himself by practicing lefty lay-ups. Remember how David Lee excelled with both hands because of an injury to his left arm in high school? Who's ready for an ambidextrous Jorts!?!?

Anyway, there was a point at which it seemed like tomorrow night's game could mark both the return of Melo and debut of Baron, but the excitement seems to have been unwarranted. Hooray!

(Side note: There more than likely won't be a Pre-Game Recon for tomorrow's game.)

Update: From Howard Beck:

Baron was held out today as a "recovery day," purely as a precaution. Medical staff doesn't want him to do too much, too soon.