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D'Antoni Confirms No Baron Davis This Week, But Perhaps Some More Jeremy Lin?

ESPN's Ian Begley spoke to Mike D'Antoni today and got a few updates on New York's point guard situation. First, the ever-retreating debut date for Baron Davis has been confirmed to be sometime next week at the earliest. It seems as if Davis still has a bit of soreness in his back, and his conditioning and comfort with his teammates are obviously still in progress as well. Said D'Antoni:

"I don't think it's a set back but it just needed a little bit more time to calm down," he said.


"I think next week's looking more like it ... The sooner the better, but I don't know for sure," D'Antoni said.

As Begley notes, the Knicks have their back-to-back-to-back this week, starting on Thursday. Without Davis (who probably would have struggled through three games in three nights anyway), they remain desperate for point guard help, and it sounds like D'Antoni might be desperate enough to turn back to Jeremy Lin:

"He shows he can run a pick and roll and he's got some instincts of a point guard and maybe we'll look at that a little bit more and see where we're going because that's what we need," the coach said.

Lin hasn't been particularly impressive, but he can bounce basketballs and sometimes throw basketballs at people and at things, so he's good enough to play point guard for the Knicks. I think I said this before, but I really won't be surprised if Lin gets a start before Davis is ready.

Meanwhile, the Jerome Jordan Point-Center Project remains on hold in case of extreme emergency. We're almost there.