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It's Knicks Media Day!

Summary: It is Media Day.

Jeff Zelevansky - Getty Images

Good morning, friends! The month has changed, the air is crisp, and the stores are filled with orange and black shit. Training camp season is upon us. The Knicks won't actually start practicing until tomorrow, though. First, they have to do this thing where all the guys sit at tables looking bored and ridiculous in full uniform while folks wielding cameras and voice recorders buzz around them in swarms.

Yes, today is Media Day, and if I can find my way through labyrinthine industrial complex that ensconces it, I'll be in attendance at the Knicks practice facility this afternoon. I'll try to ask some questions-- and if you have specific, non-obnoxious things you'd like me to ask certain guys, I'll be receptive if not necessarily reliable-- but will mostly prowl and observe, then report back on the events and major themes of the afternoon.

I'll try to post little updates on Twitter, then I'll be back here this evening to tell y'all about what I saw and heard. In between, I should have a post up at The Sports Section sometime this afternoon.

After today, the fun part starts. Training camp-- a full one, and Mike Woodson's first as head coach-- runs from Tuesday until October 7th, and I'll attend as many of the practices as possible so I can tell y'all what's going on. For now, off to Greenburgh I go.