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Wednesday Purple-Throated Caribs



Good morning, scooters. Day nine of Knicks training camp is today and I'll prowl the internet for information about it when the time comes. For now, here are some assorted links from the past day or so.

- Purple-throated caribs are hummingbirds, and they look like fine hummingbirds. Those beaks!

- Our own pmsjerk Fanshot'd the video a while ago, but here's a write-up of J.R. Smith's appearance in a Sean Paul/Kelly Rowland video, and here's J.R. talking to Jared Zwerling about the role.

- Life and Times did a terrific interview with Iman Shumpert about his injury and recovery.

- And here's Shump's speed interview with Jonah Ballow. He grasps the "speed" concept much better than J.R. did.

- Aaron McGuire's player capsules are excellent, and I think we'll all enjoy his appraisal of Ronnie Brewer.

- Check out the Jared Jordan Knicks video Tommy Dee found. Eighty P&T points if you can name every Knick in the video.

- Turns out that if you aren't asking him about the Knicks, James Dolan is actually very talkative.

- Rasheed Wallace, saying things. He's always been a talented sayer of things.

- Some encouraging words from Mike Woodson, via Nate Taylor, about getting the ball to move more. Of course, the guy's not gonna say "Yeah, we'll just make one pass and go iso for 20 seconds each time down", but it's still nice to see.

- Highlights from camp yesterday. Note the Tyson Chandler jumper.

- Here's Coach 'n' Melo sounding pleased about Baron Davis's return to the organization.

- Did anybody end up watching The Mindy Project last night?

That is all. Thumbs up!