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Amar'e Stoudemire is still questionable for Saturday.

Stoudemire's bruised knee isn't quite ready.

Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Knicks were back in Greenburgh today for some practice. When all the reporters arrived, they saw Amar'e Stoudemire's name still listed on the injury report because of that sad left knee. It turns out Amar'e was on the floor today-- at least for walkthrough and to get a few shots up-- but, thanks to preseason prudence, he remains "questionable" for Saturday's exhibition game against the Celtics. Here's Amar'e M.D. explaining the situation, via Marc Berman:

"Tomorrow is questionable,’’ Stoudemire said."I still want to see how it feels tomorrow. We’re taking a precautionary route making sure everything is 100 percent. A Bone bruise is never a fun thing. It takes a while for it to heal. We’re just trying to break up the blood that’s in there. Whenever you get a bruise it’s accumulation of blood in that area. It takes a while to loosen that blood up.''

It's also been revealed (Amar'e mentioned during the game broadcast last night) that Chris Copeland was the one who knocked knees with Amar'e and caused said blood to accumulate. For shame, Christopher.

Anyway, I'm instinctively wary of any minor-seeming Knicks injury and doubly wary when the patient in question is Amar'e, but the fact that we've been given a specific, minor diagnosis (plus the above description!) cuts some of my fear that this'll be upgraded to "pulverized left patella, 6-8 months" by Monday. If not tomorrow, then Amar'e should definitely be ready for New York's next preseason game, which isn't until next Friday. (In Montreal. I'll be there. I am excited.)

Meanwhile, James White practiced in full, and I imagine we'll be seeing some of him against Boston. Woodson might very well give him the start at shooting guard. J.R. Smith did not practice, I guess because he's tired?

Mmhmm. That's what's up.