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Monday Whistling Herons


Jimmy Baikovicius

Good morning, friends! For whatever reason, the Knicks have a long stretch off until their next preseason game. They'll be back at the training center (and on our televisions) today after taking a rest day yesterday, but there won't be any actual basketball until Friday night in Montreal. For now, links:

- Why are whistling herons called whistling herons? Answer:

The bird is named for its most common call, a "loud, flute-like whistled kleeer-er" or "a high, reedy, complaining whistle, often doubled or uttered in a ser[ies], wueeee, wueeee,.…, easily imitated" or "a distinctive, characteristic, far-carrying, melodious whistle" that "can be rendered 'kee, kee, kee.'" It may also give "a slow, drawn-out whistle" when taking off. The alarm call is a harsh quah-h-h.

- Today's practice will be televised on NBA TV starting at 11 AM. If anything of note takes place, I'll write it up, since I know most of us don't get to watch our TVs at 11 AM on Monday.

- Here is Iman Shumpert donning a throwback Mike Woodson Kansas City Kings jersey alongside an old Woodson card. As you can see, Shump's hair isn't far off. He's just some facial fur away from nailing that Halloween costume.

- I love nothing more than to read about the camaraderie between Steve Novak and J.R. Smith.

- Meanwhile, Jason Kidd and Pablo Prigioni are starting to click themselves.

- Meeeeanwhile, Raymond Felton and Tyson Chandler are reigniting old sparks. Get a room, Knicks.

- Forgive me for going "awww" at that Prigioni "persons" quote.

- Steve Popper is one of many New York beat reporters peeved at the Knicks' penchant for excessive secrecy. I do not blame him.

- Chris Copeland was evidently pretty ill during that first preseason game in Washington, so perhaps the picking-and-rolling cyclone of scoring we saw on Saturday was the real Chris Copeland.

Them's the links! Remember, if you're by a TV, you can watch the Knicks practice on NBA TV at 11. If you can't do that, don't fret. I'll do it for you.