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Tuesday Smews


Good morning, babies. Please raise your hand if you'd like to look at some links about the Knicks. Okay, I can't see any of you, so please send me an email to let me know if your hand is raised. In the meantime, I'll just leave these links here and you can look at them if you want to.

- The smew isn't my favorite seaduck, but it's up there if only because of its name. The fact that the male has very panda-like coloration is also endearing, I guess. Mostly, I like saying smew. Smew smew smew.

- Carmelo Anthony is WAY better at science than I thought.

- If you're so inclined, Will Leitch's GQ feature on Jeremy Lin can be found here. Excellent as it is, I find myself wanting very much to think about anything other than Jeremy Lin at this point.

- Steve Popper talks up the Knicks' second unit after the white team dominated the blue team in practice yesterday. I'm mostly linking for this Amar'e Stoudemire line at the end:

"There's not really much to accomplish in the preseason except for creating that chemistry and getting into more of a good flow and just try and become sharper and sharper on both ends of the court," Stoudemire said. "We want to get through this preseason without injury and get ready to start the season off in good shape."

"There's not really much to accomplish in the preseason except quite a lot of stuff."

- I wasn't really convinced of much watching Chris Copeland's performance on Saturday night, but that game alone was enough to make him the most promising of the camp invites so far. Here's Howard Megdal talking about where things stand with Copeland.

- The Knicks had some sort of tip-off event last night, and the photo gallery from it is highly recommended. Click through if only for John Shurna's Bar Mitzvah outfit, most readily viewable at the end. The awkward coaching staff lineup is pretty great as well. So is Oscar Bellfield's shirt. Okay, I wish I watched the live stream of this last night. Fine. Are you happy, Knicks?

- Update: Adding this video of "Swizz Beatz" performing the new "Knicks theme song" (at no point in there do I hear a theme song, but whatever) because everyone needs to see John Shurna doing disco dances and Oscar Bellfield doing what I assume is called the "Bellfield Boogie".

I hope you have enjoyed these links. Please leave a review in the guestbook!