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Knicks Post-Practice Links: Ronnie Brewer could be ready soon.

The Knicks had a "light" practice today, but we got some updates on missing players.

Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

While you were engaging in your usual mid-Tuesday witchcraft, the Knicks were practicing. From the sound of things, it wasn't much of a practice. Al Iannazzone:

Light practice day for Knicks. Only Amar'e, Novak, Prigioni and James White among regulars on the court for a 4 on 4.

Add in a center or Carmelo Anthony at the four, and that's a fun little five-man unit, but I digress. Point is, for all of Mike Woodson's designs of evolving his offense today, not much got done. No big deal. Afterward, Woodson spoke to media about the condition of some of his missing players. We'll start with the big one. Here, via Adam Zagoria, is Woody on Ronnie Brewer aka Ronnie Smewer (thanks, fuhry and BJabs):

"Possibly this week, that’s a possibility," head coach Mike Woodson said Tuesday. "If that can happen, that’s a major plus for us."

The Knicks play three preseason games in four days beginning Friday against the Toronto Raptors in Montreal. After that they meet the Celtics in Albany Saturday, followed by a date with the 76ers in Syracuse Monday.

Woodson said there is a chance Brewer could play in one or more of those games.

"I don’t know," Woodson said. "If he comes back [Wednesday] we gotta give him a couple days just to see what his legs and his knee feels like. I’m not gonna just throw him out there. He’s gotta show me out here that he can withstand some of the running and banging around."

Definitely don't want to rush anything, but man oh man, would it be lovely for Brewer to get some decent run in before the season starts. If Woodson's truly set on bringing J.R. Smith off the bench, then Brewer pretty much has to start. Neither Mychel Thompson nor James White probably is gonna cut it in the first unit (Note: This opinion is subject to change if White does a cool dunk or something this weekend). I'm thrilled Ronnie's nearing a return/debut, and also glad that Woodson has made a point of being patient with him.

Speaking of being patient, here's Woodson responding to questions about Rasheed Wallace's availability to scrimmage (same link):

"Not scrimmage. He gotta get ready for practice first and then we’ll talk about scrimmaging."

The way Woodson talks about Sheed, I still think there's a possibility-- not a likelihood, but a possibility-- that the Knicks end up cutting him. I didn't even consider that possibility when Wallace first signed.

That's pretty much it in the way of injury reports. There's nnot much of an update on Marcus Camby's status, and we're now on day ten of the 7-10 days he was supposed to miss when the injury first occurred. Hmm.

Other than that, I recommend checking out what Woodson had to say about Steve Novak ("make him get knocked on his ass"), and I don't know where else to put John Schmeelk's snarly response to that "tip-off" event last night. Both the Knicks' penchant for gaudy bullshit and Schmeelk's "this is why they'll never win a championship" takeaways from said gaudy bullshit are fun for the whole family.

Cool. Enjoy the afternoon.