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Ronnie Brewer's back at practice.

Next up: Hopefully some preseason games.

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Breaking news at this hour! Ronnie Brewer (AKA Ronnie Smewer) is, as we hoped, ready to practice today. Brewer missed training camp and the initial preseason games after getting knee surgery a few weeks ago, but he finally twat the following this morning:

Blessed to have the opportunity to get back on the court today. #Knickstape

#Knickstape, indeed. Welcome back to the basketball court, Ronnie. May your stay be long, continuous, and fruitful. I assume Ronnie and those observing Ronnie will have reports on his status after practice, and I'll provide updates when that time comes. With luck, Brewer will be able to sneak in some game time before preseason ends so that he's ready to take a starting role if called upon to do so come opening day (which seems likely).

(Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby are, as far as I know, still not ready to practice in full.)