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Wednesday Limpkins



Good morning, chiefs! Collect your eyes and point them at these links I'm about to show you. They're very important.

- Some facts about limpkins, taken from the Wikipedia: 1. They're called that because they have sorta gimpy walks. 2. They feed primarily on "apple snails", which sound delicious. 3. The call of the Hippogriff in the third Harry Potter movie is, in fact, the call of the limpkin.

- Linkpins?

- I added an update to yesterday's post, but in case you missed it, Ronnie Brewer is back at practice today. Hooray!

- The 2012-2013 Pro Basketball Prospectus is now available for purchase, and I believe it to be the best, fairest, and most comprehensive guide to the coming season you can find anywhere. The Knicks section is terrific and remarkably thorough, with the exception of a tiny contribution from me.

- Iman Shumpert talks about shoez. Iman Shumpert really likes shoez.

- Here's Tim Keown's lengthy, eloquent rehash of everything everyone has ever said about Carmelo Anthony, if you're interested.

- On that note, here's Cartmelo Arthony.

- Steve Novak teaches Jonah Ballow and you and me how to shoot basketballs good like he does.

- We were discussing this in a comment thread the other day, but you really ought to see this video of the Knicks on media day. Stick around for Raymond Felton calling himself a "silly person", Carmelo Anthony explaining why he's always late, and Tyson Chandler vs. Amar'e Stoudemire in some bizarre variation of rock-paper-scissors where they shoot after a count of just two.

- Nate Taylor writes on the "rest days" a lot of Knicks have been getting. I think that's a pretty regular thing during the season, but I suppose it's unusual this early on.

- Herb Williams's son is a guard at Binghamton University. I learned that today and now so did you!

- Aaron McGuire does not foresee good things coming from Raymond Felton's second stint in New York. This is a case where my eyes and ears have me convinced that the numbers are deceiving. I really think Ray's due for a productive season. But yeah, the numbers make it pretty clear that he doesn't have especially productive seasons behind him. We'll see.

- SB Nation New York profiles Marcus Camby, who will hopefully be a Knicks basketball player at some point soon.

- Just a reminder that Posting and Toasting is on Facebook. Poke us.

That is all for now. More after practice, I reckon. Have a luxurious Wednesday.