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Ronnie Brewer practiced today, could play this weekend.

Some notes 'n' links following Wednesday's practice.

Lisa Blumenfeld - Getty Images

Top of the afternoon, ferrets. The Knicks' Wednesday practice is complete and the reporters have reported. Let's see where things stand after another day in Greenburgh/with two days until everyone heads northward for some more exhibition games.

- Ronnie Brewer practiced. He didn't scrimmage, but he participated in the morning walkthrough and drills and stuff. Ronnie says he feels healthy and, with the doctors' approval, could scrimmage later this week and maybe even get to spin in Montreal, Albany, or Syracuse. Here are some words via Marc Berman:

Brewer participated in most of practice for the first time as a Knick but was held out of the scrimmage. Brewer, the projected starting shooting guard, hopes to scrimmage Thursday and will make the three-game trip to Montreal-Albany-Syracuse. Brewer hopes to make his Knicks debut sometime during the trip.

"I was a little overanxious,’’ said Brewer, who had knee surgery on his meniscus in early September. "I thought I was going to be able to do the full practice. They wanted me to be cautious and take it slowly. It felt good to be out there with the guys, be part of the team and work my way back in.’’

Lovely. What a treat it would be to see Brewer play at some point this weekend. Also pleasing to read about Brewer working on his shot with Dave Hopla.

- In other shooting guard injury news, J.R. Smith's "sore left ankle" is presently nestled in a walking boot and he didn't practice today. Earl, ever the gentleman, shared this information firsthand. It's not necessarily cause for alarm. Twitter folks remound me that MarShon Brooks was in a boot for a few days because of tendinitis, and he's fine, and we'd heard that J.R.'s ankle soreness was Achilles-specific, so everything checks out (the Achilles is a tendon. He was also a pretty chill warrior). Of course, these are the Knicks we're talking about, so part of me assumes J.R.'s whole left foot has shriveled into an unrecognizable, irreparable gnarl about which the Knicks will inform us in mid-December. But yeah, Smith practiced yesterday, so tendinitis that needs some time to rest sounds about right. Woodson suggested he could be back tomorrow.

- Then there's the matter of Marcus Camby. He definitely didn't run with the team today, but he did get his back up off the wall and log some court time. Camby also spoke to reporters for the first time in a while (same link as before):

"I feel like I’m almost right there,’’ Camby said. "Doctors still want me to be out a couple of more days for rehab and treatment. I want to play. I want to be out there with the guys. When the doctors say I can go, I’ll be ready.

"The doctors are erring on the side of caution. They don’t want me to go out there and hurt myself even further. (Andrea) Bargnani went through a similar thing last year - in and out of the lineup.’’

Camby won't travel with the team this weekend, and neither will Rasheed Wallace, who Nate Taylor spied "grimacing and breathing hard" whilst doing balance exercises today. I assume Nate means "grimacing" like making a strained facial expression, and not "Grimacing" like drinking copious milkshakes, though that's a real possibility.

- Also note from the photo I linked that Henry Sims was back at practice today. His sprained foot wasn't as bad as it looked, I suppose.