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Thursday Parakeet Auklets


Good evening, friends. If you're bored or need a distraction from the Yankees or something, might I recommend some Knicks links? I might.

- I was originally gonna do some puffins (and I will at some point), but then I was like "hey, what other kinds of auks are there?"). Turns out there are a bunch, and parakeet auklets are by far the cutest. Look at them!

- First of all, Marcus Camby DID travel with the team to Montreal, contrary to everything I've heard and said up to this point. I don't know why the population of the plane to Montreal became such a big deal in my head, but here we are. Anyway, Marcus is with the team. Since he hasn't scrimmaged in a while, my guess is he probably won't get to play, but you never know.

- The Knicks gathered in their sweats to shoot this year's intro video last night. Rasheed Wallace wore his beanie.

- The Knicks are hoping Rasheed can do something besides wear beanies, like maybe play basketball, at some point. They're being very patient, and Alan Hahn suggests they could keep him around (though the decision to guarantee his contract doesn't come until January) even if he's still out of shape at the end of preseason. Whatever.

- The Brothers Smith talk about golf, golfs, and golfing.

- J.R. Smith of the Brothers Smith has a very nice quote in here about playing with a bit more discipline this season.

- Ronnie Brewer just doesn't give a smew about pain.

- Meanwhile, Hahn explains how someone like Brewer came to the Knicks so cheaply. Hahn spoke all summer about how the Knicks could wait for a quality wing to run out of options and agree to sign for the minimum, which is pretty much exactly what happened.

- And Ronnie's exactly the kind of gentleman you like to have around.

- A real thing: I have it on very good authority that Tyson Chandler recently battled Jerry Stackhouse in a cook-off judged by Walt Frazier (who seems like a biased judge, but who cares). It was for Rachael Ray's show, and it'll air on NBA opening night.

- We finish with the best read of the day: Our friend netw3rk's heartbreaking profile of Toney Douglas, basketball player. Poor, sweet Toney.

- I'll be on the radio at 6:30, as usual. This radio.

I hope you've enjoyed these links. Remember to share them with your friends via email and instant messenger!