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Knicks training camp starts today!


Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Good morning, friends! As of this morning, we've officially made it through the summer alive (you guys are alive, right?). Today is the first day of Knicks training camp. It's the first time the whole team-- players, coaches, and staff-- will be together doing basketball stuff since the Knicks won the championship or whatever last season.

They start practice today at 11 AM, with media allowed in around noon. I can't quite tell if they're still doing two practices with a break in between or just one long practice per day, but I imagine those details will reveal themselves this afternoon. Either way, I'll observe as much as possible, tweet about it as it happens, and post stuff here and at The Sports Sections after the fact. Today will mostly be about getting a feel for how Mike Woodson runs a training camp (I've only ever watched D'Antoni practices) and seeing who's assigned to do what with whom (scrimmage units and whatnot). Oh, and seeing how Rasheed Wallace looks, assuming he's around.

I'm leaving for Greenburgh soon, so here are a few links for the meantime:

- J.R. Smith gives Jonah Ballow a great interview about all kinds of topics. My favorite responses are the ones he doesn't give, really. Watching Earl come up with a suitable answer for "favorite late night spot" and "best date" and stuff like that is pretty great.

- Iman Shumpert rappin' raps, if you didn't see it yesterday.

- The math here is kinda fuzzy (only counting 13 guys? Not waiting until cuts have been made and the 15-man roster is set?), but this article says these Knicks will be the oldest team of all time with a mean age of over 32 years. Of course, that Jeff Van Gundy line at the bottom is important: "They're not counting on their oldest players to be their best ones".

- Yesterday, Ian Begley asked Mike Woodson who'd be his starting shooting guard, and Woodson said he'd let training camp decide that. With Ronnie Brewer not able to participate in camp for a while, I'm not really sure how that's supposed to play out, but I guess we'll see.

- Gibbon baby playing with a cat.

Mmhmm. Okay, off to camp I go. TTYL.