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Celtics 109, Knicks 98: Copabloandura!

Chris Copeland made the Knicks' preseason loss Saturday an entertaining one, scoring 34 points in a potentially roster-securing effort.


Chris Copeland indeed! 34 entertaining points in a staggeringly Harrington-esque effort, and some wacky hair to boot, indicate Copeland's possible inclusion onto the Knicks' roster. All things considered, Copeland's effort may have been sufficient at "mediocre," as the remaining slew of roster hopefuls all played like bipedal dogshit (to these eyes, Mychel Thompson played particularly terribly, amassing a -14 rating in 38 awful minutes).

Other storylines include the chasm between Thompson's play and that of James White, whose five steals helped the Knicks to score 30 points off turnovers, as well as Pablo Prigioni's best _ason Kidd impression (amazing discrepancy between assist quality and scoring talent). Raymond Felton's 7 assists in 14 minutes are also notable.

All those things, Steve Novak's continuance to look like a weapon off the bench, as well as a competitive team effort despite roster inactives are all silver linings within a frustrating, as well as familiar, second half collapse. Jeff Green needn't make that shit a habit.

I'll write up a great, big, scary, potentially Halloweeny recap tomorrow, but for now I'm going to have a Saturday. Everyone tell Seth you miss him!