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Celtics 109, Knicks 98: Real Estate just went up in Copeland!

Chris Copeland was the star of Saturday's Knicks loss to the Boston Celtics. His 34 points led an undermanned Knicks squad to a surprisingly offensive effective night against Boston's B-squad, albeit a unit that included Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green and Jason Terry.


Hey everyone! What's up? Watchin' some football? Cool. Sorry this recap is up so late, I was entranced by some foliage. Last night's loss to the Celtics contained some thought nuggets, particularly concerning roster decisions. Chris Copeland's sterling performance from nearly every spot on the floor may have secured him a spot on the Knicks' bench, beating out the likes of John Shurna, Oscar Bellfield and Mychel Thompson, each of whom looked pretty bad. Let's get a little deepah.

I suppose I can't mention Copeland's excellent offensive game without mentioning Jeff Green. The Celtics forward, who was under the knife mere months ago for a heart condition, looks impossibly fit and polished. As a fan of the former Hoya, I couldn't be happier for him. As a Knicks fan, I'm aggravated the albatross contract Boston offered him might actually look like a real investment. Green was dashing and splashing on the wings every bit as much as Copeland most of the game, and a big reason the Celtics took the game in the second half is because Green had a partner.

Although Steve Novak provided some timely threes, Jason Terry showed up wearing green like a little asshole and splashed universally (Terry and Green combined to shoot 7 of 11 from beyond the arc). A big question mark for the Celtics this season looked to be their bench offense. Welp, the Terry/Green pick and roll may solve that issue, in addition to their acquisition of a surefire future Knick-killer, Jared Sullinger (10 points, game high eight rebounds).

Save for the screaming exception of Copeland, the Knicks' fringe guys looked bad. John Shurna played 13 strange minutes, during which he missed every shot but drew four free throws (he hit three), and snargled three boards. He didn't exactly look good, though, and Mychel Thompson followed suit. He missed most of his shots in his 38 minutes, but rebounded and dished out some assists I suppose. Oscar Bellfield played his way out of contention for a roster spot, shooting 1-5 and turning the ball over qudrice (four times) in ten minutes.

James White played a game high 135 minutes, stealing approximately every pass. Other than proving he is a disastrous ballhandler, Flight White scored 16 points on 16 shots and looked defensively zesty indeed. Five steals, yep. I like White if he's not too involved in the offense, but I also cannot wait to see Ronnie Brewer running around.

Pablo Prigioni was slicing the vegetables while Copeland was cooking the soup, even though he came up empty on each of his half dozen attempts from, as they say "down" town. He only played 23 minutes, but he sliced 9 assists' worth of vegetables and he peeled four rebounds' worth of potatoes. Soup is good, y'all!

Henry Sims played pretty well in 18 minutes, albeit a foul-basted 18. Steve Novak did his thing from three, going five of nine. Kurt played some minutes and hit a couple baseline jays (copyright 1996). Ray Felton continues to attack at a high rate of speed, proving potentially to provide an excellent contrast to the squad's other point guards. His seven assists in 14 minutes were awesome, and I can't wait to see what he can do during the season.

The rest of the game was par for the course: Rajon Rondo shredded the Knicks at the rate of a full-game triple double, Courtney Lee was an excellent acquisition, and holy shit Jason Collins hit a shot! A second-half comeback by Boston was pretty nauseating to watch, but preseason is a fickle beast, and too much stock shan't be put into team records.

I wouldn't expect Chris Copeland to be the first man off the bench during any truly valuable minutes anytime soon. Having said that, I think it's safe to say a few roster-spot fellows on the Knicks didn't look one bit like NBA players last night. One of them certainly did.

Thanks for reading, sorry this recap came so late in the day! Again; the foliage!

What's everyone gonna be for Halloween?!

Also: Hooray! Nobody else got hurt!