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Game Thread: Knicks vs. 76ers- 10/22/12

The Knicks play an exhibition game against the Sixers in Syracuse.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Hey! Almost game time, y'all. The Knicks and 76ers tip off in Syracuse at around 7:00 tonight. For the Sixers, a whole mess o' guys (and that's not even including Andrew Bynum) will sit this one out. The Knicks are obviously short-handed as well, and this'll be their starting lineup tonight:

Raymond Felton

Jason Kidd

Ronnie Brewer

Carmelo Anthony

Tyson Chandler

Yes, Melo at the four (in the return to his alma mater), Kidd at the two. Should be interesting, I suppose. What I'm really watching for is how Ronnie Brewer plays. I want to see that he's healthy and running the floor comfortably, and I'm excited to see how he plays off Melo and what he can do defensively against...whoever the Sixers start at small forward. Could be, like, a wheelbarrow. Anyway, there won't be much Ronnie tonight, but I'll relish every minute of it.

So, let's watch for Mr. Smewer and see what else these Knicks and Sixers have to offer. Should be a relaxing night of meaningless basketball. Come comment along!