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Wednesday King Birds-of-Paradise


Doug Janson

Good afternoon, friends. Before we gather for tonight's preseason finale against the Nets, let us enjoy a few links together. Please empty your pockets first. No reason. It just makes me more comfortable.

- I received a request for a bird-of-paradise. The King Bird-of-paradise isn't the one with the blue smiley face butt (that's the Superb Bird-of-paradise), but the male does have a hilarious manner of walking up branches, strange showy wires sticking off its back, and a delightfully fluffy display Check it out.

- I went on HoopSpeak Live yesterday to talk about the Knicks. You can look at that here if you really have nothing else to do.

- Much better way to spend your time: Hardwood Paroxysm's massive, collaborative NBA Season Preview. It's free!

- The Knickerbloggers do some more overing and undering to predict the Knicks' prospects this season.

- Don't forget about Henry Sims. It's not impossible that the Knicks (after signing Chris Copeland, one would imagine) choose him over Rasheed Wallace to bolster the frontcourt.

- After tonight's game, the Knicks have a full week to run another mini-camp of sorts. Then the basketball starts to count.

- The possibility of another big move makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry, but yeah, the Knicks are at a crossroad of sorts. Seems like they always are.

- It's funny how much excitement that one incredibly simple offensive set from the Montreal game generated (not that I'm not excited).

- Rasheed Wallace and Freeway, just because.

- A fine list of preseason questions from our friend Mr. Fish.

Cool. Game thread to come.