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Tyson Chandler banged his knee and will get an MRI on Thursday.

It doesn't sound too bad, but we'll have to wait and see.

Al Bello

The Knicks won their preseason finale against the Nets, but what ended up being a pretty exciting game was overshadowed somewhat by a frightening moment early on. Tyson Chandler and Gerald Wallace cracked knees in the opening minutes, and Chandler hobbled off the floor in what appeared to be pretty significant pain. Now that the game's over, we've got some updates from Ken Berger:

Tyson Chandler left the arena on crutches as a "precaution" before MRI on left knee tomorrow. Says his level of concern is "not much."

Chandler said contact with his left knee in the first minute of the game "stretched it out a little bit."

Here's Chris Herring's photo of Tyson on his massive crutches. Chandler told reporters he might have suffered a sprain.

The injury really didn't look like much at the time (Update: here's video), but the suggestion of a sprain isn't especially encouraging. The good news is New York has a full week before the season starts. If the MRI tomorrow comes up clean, Chandler will have ample time to rest the leg and hopefully recover in time for that season opener. Be okay, Tyson.

I'm sure we'll have updates as soon as the MRI is done. In the meantime, we'll just have to wait and hope and maybe sacrifice a quick goat or two if you've got 'em on hand.

(Oh, and James White hurt his foot but he'll be okay. Sorry to downplay your injury, James White. It's just...)