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Video: Pablo Prigioni's post-game interview last night was excellent. other leftovers from the Knicks' preseason finale against the Nets.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The foremost leftover from last night's game is, of course, gnawing apprehension over the status of Tyson Chandler's knee. I wasn't worried initially, but the wait is making me antsy. He'll get an MRI today and we'll hopefully have some good news by tomorrow morning. Again, if you've been dawdling on your ritual animal sacrifices unto the basketball gods, now would be a good time to catch up. Sharpen your scimitar and spill some goat blood today for Tyson's knee.

Besides the Chandler injury, last night was pretty fun. Turns out I ended up missing the best part, though. After another night of adroit point guarding, Pablo Prigioni was Tina Cervasio's walk-off interview:

I love this man. Yes, his English is endearingly broken, but it's intact enough for it to be evident that Pablo's a gem of a fellow in any language. "I cannot say all the secrets" had me swoonin'. I feel fortunate to have an opportunity to root for Pablo this season.

Some other leftovers:

- I haven't seen anybody but Berman state it as fact, but cuts might be made today. At the very least, Mike Woodson and Glen Grunwald will start to have that conversation. Either way, those moves must be made by October 28th. One can never be sure, but Chris Copeland probably isn't getting cut.

- Pablo's precise behind-the-back feed last night wasn't the only stylish passing of the evening, nor was it the most surprising. @TheKnicksWall captured Steve Novak's jaw-dropping spasm of flair:

Steve Novak behind the back pass (GIF) -  on Twitpic

WHO TAUGHT STEVE THAT? Was that you, Pablo? Jason? For shame. First it's this, next we'll find Steve dribbling between his legs and slamming jams and who knows what else. Is that what you want? Are these vile affronts to the shooter's creed FUNNY to you? ANSWER ME!

- It's not fair that we can't hear Rasheed Wallace in this video:

- Any Knicks-Nets game is a chance for Pablo to reunite with his former teammate and gran amigo Mirza Teletovic.

- Nobody would speak up about Mike Woodson's eye wound (if you missed, Woodson had a bandage above his eyelid all night), but Chris Copeland made it sound like Woody got hit while participating in practice (which he's been doing). Who could it have been?

The Knicks have a day off of practice today, I believe, then will embark upon their last stretch of heavy practice days before the season begins. I'll update with Chandler news when there is some. <3