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Tyson Chandler has a bone bruise, is listed as day-to-day.

Well, it could have been much worse.


Oh, what a relief. Tyson Chandler's MRI is done, and the test revealed no structural damage to the left knee that go sat on by Gerald Wallace last night. Here's Ian Begley:

Chandler MRI reveals a bone bruise in left knee. He is listed as day to day. Availabilty for opener unclear.

At this point, none of us will buy the "day-to-day" prognosis until we actually see Chandler running around on the court (most of our immediate reactions to the reports were "Welp, Tyson's dead). Amar'e Stoudemire's "bone bruise" has turned into a multi-week, cyst-ridden ordeal, and we've just generally been conditioned to be skeptical of any Knicks injury announcement.

All that said, this is excellent news. The Knicks may lie, but the MRI doesn't. Chandler's use of words like "sprain" and "stretch" following the game had me fearing something had gone afoul in a ligament or tendon, so a bone bruise diagnosis is perhaps the best possible outcome. Tyson will surely take a few days to rest, then work his way back into practice. With luck, he'll be the starting center on November 1.