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Video: P&T's Knicks Season Predictions

A Google Hangout featuring two Seths and a bird.

Behold the first in what I hope to be a season-long series of Google Hangouts here at P&T. I'm still figuring out how I'd like to use them going forward, but for our first installment, I answered some questions from my boss/namesake, Seth Pollack, about the Knicks' prospects for this season. In the future, we'll tackle some more interesting topics and incorporate as many Osborns, Casimiros, Flynns, and special guests as possible, hopefully with a less prominent bird quotient.

And yeah, sorry about Domingo's ear-piercing screeches. He almost never does that, but something about Big Seth's voice coming out of my computer speakers just sent him into a fit of excitement. Thanks to Big Seth for being patient and understanding while I attempted to bird-wrangle.

Anyway, enjoy my idiotic babbling, and let me know what you think. Feel free to offer your own answers to Big Seth's questions. I don't even remember what mine were, so I guess I should watch.