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Knicks Post-Practice Links: Rasheed Wallace practiced, Tyson Chandler says he'll be ready for the Nets

Links and notes following Friday's Knicks practice.


Hi! Hello. The Knicks had practice today, then they spoke to reporters. I've got a veritable avalanche of links and notes to prove it.

- First note: Cuts must be made by Monday, but they could certainly come sooner. The Knicks have a habit of making announcements on Friday evenings, so I'll be on the lookout for that.

- Interesting few notes here about what Mike Woodson feels the Knicks were lacking during preseason. His big emphasis is on rebounding, which is a good emphasis to emphasize, because the Knicks rebounded terribly during those games.

- Rasheed Wallace participated in all of practice today, though that only included halfcourt scrimmages. Enjoy these Sheed tweets (about Sheed, not by Sheed, unfortunately):

Steve Popper:

Knicks running sets for Rasheed - he's the one wearing cutoff sweats with pockets hanging out screaming.

Nate Taylor:

Rasheed just air balled a 15-footer from the baseline & then had the loudest scream I've heard in this gym.

Nate Taylor:

Asked Rasheed if he had a minute to talk. His response: "I gotta go to this meeting man!"

Oh man, I love him.

- Carmelo Anthony left practice early today. Marc Berman's got zingers:

Melo not on court during halfcourt scrimmage as he has recovery day from yesterday's off day.

Marc! Hey now!

- And the biggest, bestest news:

Nate Taylor:

Tyson Chandler said he expects to be back at practice Monday.

Yes, good.

Jonah Ballow:

. says he absolutely expects to play on Nov. 1 in the opener


Adam Zagoria:

Tyson Chandler said he got rid of his crutches today b/c he's feeling better & was getting back spasms from the crutches careful, Knicks. Please. The "could the Knicks training staff possibly be worse?" grumblings from the fanbase should not be construed as a challenge.

- Speaking of the Knicks training staff, Marcus Camby's seven-to-ten-day calf strain-- now on day 20-- remains an issue and a mystery. He didn't practice with the rest of the team and is still up in the air for the opener. Booooo.

And that's what's up at the moment. Look out for roster cuts. It could be you.