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The Knicks waived Chris Smith.

Smith is the first of several cuts to come.


The Knicks must prune their roster down to 15 men by Monday. I guessed they might get their cutting done this evening, but it looks like they're only ready to make one move, and it's an obvious one. The team announced not long ago that Chris Smith-- rookie, guard, brother of J.R.-- has been waived.

The decision wasn't an especially difficult one, since an injury forced Smith to undergo surgery on his left patella tendon that'll put him out of commission for most of the NBA season. Even without the injury, very little of Smith's performance in Las Vegas Summer League and training camp suggested that he was fit to play for the Knicks this year. Still, as egregiously nepotistic a camp invite as Chris was, the possibility of a Brothers Smith backcourt tandem was something I think we could all get behind. There would have been some great times. (I'm verrrrry curious what the Knicks would have done if Smith's injury hadn't forced their hand.)

Best wishes to Chris in his recovery and wherever his career may take him. The Knicks roster now stands at 19 players, 13 of whom have guaranteed contracts.