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Saturday Chaco Chachalacas


Alastair Rae

Good Saturday, champs. Y'all want to see some lynx? Links, I mean. Links. That's all I've got. My bad.


- Chaco Chachalacas are just one of many species of chachalaca (Central and South American fowl), but they definitely have the best name of all of 'em.

- Rasheed Wallace scrimmaged at today's practice. Mike Woodson liked what he saw.

- Carmelo Anthony also offered a ringing Sheed endorsement!

- The Knicks will actually get to play some basketball in Madison Square Garden tomorrow. First time in a long time.

- Tommy Beer's interview with Steve Novak is fantastic. I think you will like to read it.

- There's a weird common thread between this and Jeremy Lin's injury last year, and Ronnie Brewer's injury earlier this summer, and Amar'e Stoudemire's fire extinguisher-punching injury last year, and so forth...

- Man oh man, can this organization be lame.

- Even as a non-Bears fan, I am very much in favor of Iman Shumpert's approach to picking football games.

- Okay.

- I so wish this article didn't mention any Knicks.

Yeap! Have a pleasant day, buddies.