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The Knicks are down to 15 men, and Chris Copeland made the cut.

Farewell to Oscar Bellfield, John Shurna, Mychel Thompson, and Henry Sims.


The time has come to say goodbye to a bunch of friendly campers. In anticipation of Monday's deadline, the Knicks pared their roster down to 15 men after today's practice. Al Iannazzone reports that Oscar Bellfield, Henry Sims, John Shurna, and Mychel Thompson were all waived this afternoon. There's still a chance that those guys end up with the Erie BayHawks, and I hope in particular that Thompson and Sims do. Either way, farewell to all the campers. We had some good times.

All this means that, as expected, Chris Copeland and Rasheed Wallace will be Knicks this season. Copeland earned his spot by playing some dominant offensive stretches and defending consistently well during the preseason. Wallace earned his by, ya know, being Rasheed Wallace. As far as I know, both Cope and Sheed are still on contracts that don't become fully guaranteed until January, so they'll be first in line if any mid-season cuts need to be made. (Meanwhile, they'll probably both be in the rotation on opening night because everybody's legs hurt.)

COPELANDIA!!!!!!! Did you know that's a genus of hallucinogenic mushrooms?