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Amar'e Stoudemire got that second opinion.

It was pretty much the same as the first one, thankfully.


I was part of the group that kinda freaked out when news broke that Amar'e Stoudemire was seeking a second opinion on his knee injury, so it's funny that I didn't notice Nate Taylor's follow-up until our own prfella pointed it out today. Anyway, there is no further bad news, at least for now:

Dr. Thomas Carter, whom Stoudemire consulted for a second opinion on the ruptured cyst in his left knee, mainly agreed with the Knicks’ medical staff: Stoudemire should be healthy by roughly the end of November

Carter’s assessment of Stoudemire’s knee matched most of what the Knicks thought in terms of the severity of the injury and how long it would take to heal, said Happy Walters, Stoudemire’s agent. But Walters used the phrase "several more weeks" in describing what Carter felt should be the appropriate length of Stoudemire’s rehabilitation. The Knicks initially said Stoudemire would return to the team within two to three weeks.

So yeah, the expected recovery time is longer than the two to three weeks we were initially told, but I doubt any of us took the Knicks at their word anyway. There's no question that Amar'e's knee issues are chronic and unlikely to disappear entirely, but this particular issue is still viewed (and by someone other than the Knicks, at that) as something that can be handled in a month or less. Cool.