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The Knicks vs. Hurricane Sandy

Mike Woodson sounded undeterred Sunday, but the Knicks have canceled practice.

Chris Graythen

The Knicks were all asked about the looming Hurricane Sandy after yesterday's practice, which resulted in some excellent lines from and about Mike Woodson, who eats piece of shit hurricanes like Sandy for breakfast.

From Nate Taylor:

"I still want to practice regardless of what the weather looks like," Coach Mike Woodson said. "Some of the guys that are out there are closer to the practice facility where we practice. My concern is the guys in the city and making sure they give themselves enough time to get up to practice. Hopefully, things won’t be that bad."

...and Marc Berman:

"I was telling [the public relations staff] to get cots because I still want to practice regardless,’’ Woodson said, only half-jokingly. "Some guys are closer to the facility. My concern is guys in the city making sure they give themselves enough time to get to [Tarrytown].’’

In that same article, Jason Kidd professed his willingness to doggy paddle to work, while Carmelo Anthony vowed not to go outside. This is how you learn who your real veteran leaders are, I guess.

Woodson had good reason to push for practice today, too. He was hoping to get Tyson Chandler and Marcus Camby back to at least be reevaluated, if not participate, and the Knicks were probably going to scrimmage in full with just a few days left until the season opener (provided Barclays Center doesn't float away).

Meanwhile, Pablo Prigioni warned us in Spanish, but was then kind enough to run his words through a translator.

Se viene el huracán , así que largas sesiones de películas e internet para pasar el tiempo!!! Por favor q no se corte la luz!!!!

It comes hurricane. So long movies sessions and internet to pass the time!!!. Please do not cut the light!!

I have a feeling they're gonna cut the light, Pablo.

Alas, Woody relented. Practice has been canceled, presumably because getting back and forth to Greenburgh's going to be pretty messy today. All that talk for nothing. Something tells me a bloody, water-logged Kurt Thomas is going to be at the facility splashing (LITERALLY) 18-footers this afternoon anyway, possibly with his head sliced open by a flying hubcap like that guy in Twister.

So, nothing's going on with the Knicks today. Don't worry about them. Please do worry about yourself and make sure you're not airborne or underwater at any point in the next few days. I hope everyone's sufficiently prepared for whatever's coming. If you want to use this thread to give us updates and share useful information, you're more than welcome to do so. Be safe, friends. <3 <3 <3