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The Knicks will practice tonight, but the start of the season is uncertain.

The damage in New York City might affect the first few games.


Good day, friends. I hope you and yours are in relatively good shape following the storm. Let us know how you're doing.

The Knicks, as far as I've heard, were unaffected besides having to cancel yesterday's practice. The team has officially announced that they'll be back in Greenburgh at 5 PM tonight. The late practice should give everyone enough time to collect themselves and make it over to the facility from their respective homes in Manhattan and Westchester.

Meanwhile, with so much damage and power expected to be out for the next few days, the Knicks' first few games are in question as the league assesses the situation (all tonight's games will be played as scheduled. New York doesn't start until Thursday). Opening night against the Nets is supposed to be a big ol' extravaganza at Barclays Center, and one imagines they'll be reluctant to play that as scheduled if, for instance, the subway still isn't running. The same goes for the Knicks' home opener on Friday and Sunday's game against the 76ers.

We'll keep you updated on the game schedule. In the meantime, take care and look for some practice updates later than usual. We're hoping Tyson Chandler (and perhaps Marcus Camby) can get back on the court tonight in preparation for opening night...whenever that is.