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Knicks-Nets is on for Thursday!

The season opener will be played on time despite the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Bruce Bennett

Breaking news at this hour! Despite the likelihood that public transportation and whatnot will still be out of whack, the NBA will not postpone the Knicks-Nets season opener at Barclays Center on Thursday. Here are a few relevant tweets.

Tim Frank:

Knicks-Nets game will be played as scheduled this Thursday at 7 p.m. at Barclays Center

Ken Berger:

NBA will continue to assess Heat-Knicks game Friday night at MSG. Heat, of course, would need a working airport at which to land.

Cool! A little extra time might have helped the Knicks get fully healthy, but it sounds like Tyson Chandler will be ready for Thursday anyway. Marcus Camby didn't get to practice today because he was Sandy'd into his home (in Connecticut, I believe), but he'll hopefully be available as well. Camby or no Camby, we'll probably see Rasheed Wallace get some minutes.

In any event, we are less than 48 hours removed from real Knicks basketball that counts. AHHHHHHH