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Wednesday Crested Couas



Good day, you frightful creatures. Happy Halloween to all. What with everyone here (and most places, it seems) celebrating Halloween last weekend and the hurricane and stuff, it kind of doesn't feel like Halloween, but here we are. I'll eat one of these Snickers Peanut Butters for breakfast to celebrate. Anyway, how about some links?

- I picked the crested coua-- a handsome Madagascan cuckoo-- because I saw this photo of baby crested couas opening their mouths to be fed. They have snack targets! As someone who frequently misses his mouth while eating, I want that!

- Marc Berman points out that Mike Woodson has yet to pick captains. The Knicks have an unusual situation wherein the guys with the best careers/most winning experience/best leadership qualities aren't necessarily the best players on the team. Perhaps they'll just go captain-less. What does a captain do, anyway, besides shake hands at center court before games and fly the team plane?

- Yeah, you might call Tyson Chandler a defensive lynchpin. I would not disagree with that.

- Remember that time Zach Galifianakis sat courtside? He was very high because of some pots he ate.

- Uh, not to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming, but I just found out about this. I imagine at least one of you will be pleased to have seen that.

- SB Nation dot com does not consider the Knicks very watchable (GOOD. FUCK EVERYBODY.), but they do appreciate our rice cooker mascot.

- Yes, Rasheed Wallace wears his practice jersey backward even during scrimmages. Looks pretty good, too (in highlights, anyway).

- This is a frightening exercise.

- Sounds like Tyson Chandler's only major encumbrance tomorrow will be a big brace on his leg. No pain, says Tyson.

- Antonio Davis is gonna be on ESPN now. He was a Knick once. That's why I mentioned it.

- The Knicks have a really comfortable looking chairs.

- Here's Harvey Araton suggesting that Amar'e Stoudemire's contract with the Knicks might be worse than Alex Rodriguez's with the Yankees, if you're into that kind of thing. Amar'e's contract looks worse every day, but I'd still rather have him than A-Rod because I bet A-Rod sucks at basketball.

These have been the links. Have a lovely lunchtime. Eat a Butterfinger or something! It's okay!

Wait, are any of you dressed up? If so, what are you? A chef covered in moths? That's creative.