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It looks like Thursday's Knicks-Nets game will be postponed after all.

Dammit, Sandy.

Bruce Bennett

Oddly enough, Greg Anthony was the first person to break this news. It's subsequently been confirmed by the local reporters. Despite previous assertions that Thursday night's season opener between the Knicks and the Nets at Barclays Center would be played as scheduled, it's beginning to look like the game won't actually happen. Richard Sandomir reported it and Howard Beck and others confirmed. Barclays Center is reportedly in pretty good shape after the storm, but there's still plenty of flooding and transit dysfunction to prevent people from getting to the game safely. The traffic would have been nuts.

(Meanwhile, the Knicks just lost electricity at their practice facility, so they weren't gonna be as ready for the game as they would have liked anyway.)

There hasn't been an official announcement yet or any report on 1. When the Knicks-Nets game will be played. 2. What will become of the Knicks' home opener against the Heat on Friday, but I'll update as soon as I see anything. WHY CAN'T WE JUST HAVE BASKETBALL, SANDY?

Update: I took the stream off the front page because comment counts still aren't working, but note that Knicks-Heat is still on for Friday.