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As of right now, Knicks-Heat on Friday is still happening.

Michael Bloomberg and Adam Silver is spoken, and Thursday's Knicks-Nets game is officially postponed, with no rain date yet chosen. Meanwhile, Al Iannazzone spoke to Glen Grunwald and got the following:

Knicks GM Glen Grunwald said as far as he knows, the Knicks "are good to go for Friday" in their home opener against the Heat.

There's also this now:

In an email, Tim Frank, the NBA SVP, Basketball Communications said as of now Friday's Knicks-Heat game at MSG is on as scheduled.

I would imagine that whatever issues are messing with Thursday's game in Brooklyn will be similarly problematic to almost the same degree on Friday in Manhattan, but as of right now, Knicks-Heat is on as scheduled. Again, I'll add updates if I see anything. For now: No game Thursday, yes game Friday. The Knicks will open their season at home against the Heat.

By the way, as a few of you have noted, the extra day without basketball is a pain in our collective ass, but it doesn't hurt Tyson Chandler and Marcus Camby to have one more day of recovery/practice to prepare for the real basketball. Both are expected to be in uniform whenever the season does open, though the extent of their availability (Camby's in particular) isn't totally clear.