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Friday Emerald Toucanets


Brian Gratwicke

Good day, friends. I'm coming to you LIVE from the Knicks practice facility. Day Four of camp is underway, and hopefully we'll get in there in time to see some more scrimmages this afternoon. For now, links:

- This emerald toucanet looks kinda like a diesel version of my little parakeet friend. Toucanets apparently make pretty good pets themselves.

- J.R. Smith (ankle) and Tyson Chandler (just resting, as far as I know) are back practicing today.

- SLAM's Steve Novak interview/photo gallery is the best thing.

- It's from a couple days ago, but I really liked Howard Megdal's "Noah's Ark" view of the Knicks roster.

- Megdal (who is excellent, by the way, and has taken over for the excellent Jamie O'Grady at the excellent LoHud Knicks Blog) also wrote about what it means to be 40 in the NBA, vis a vis Kurt Thomas.

- (And here's Kurt on being 40.)

- Here's Nate Taylor on Mike Woodson's one-a-day training camp approach.

- Looks like the Knicks'll be televising some training camp stuff next week. I think they'll also be on NBA TV's training camp show soon.

- Pablo Prigioni's explanation of why, at 35, he's accepting a minimum contract to sit on the bench in a foreign country is pretty great.

- Knickerblogger's 2011-2012 Baron Davis report card. Baron Davis did not have a great year.

- Late addition: John Andariese is stepping down from his job as Knicks radio commentator and will be replaced by Brendan Brown. I'll miss Johnny Hoops.

That's all for now. I'll have my usual post at The Sports Section and notes from camp up here later this afternoon/evening. Have a splendid day.