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Monday Restless Flycatchers



Good afterpoop, children. How are you? Are you seated comfortably? Standing? If you're standing, you might want to sit down. I've got some links for you, and they're a lot to handle all at once. Check 'em:

- From Wiki:

"Also known colloquially as Scissors Grinder or Dishwasher on account of its unusual call..."

This is the sound being described. I wish it was called a Dishwasher because it washes dishes. Not implausible, either, given its restlessness.

- Some words on John Shurna, about whom Mike Woodson sounded pretty enthusiastic after practice yesterday.

- Nice li'l preseason preview over at the Knicks FanBlog.

- That Amar'e Stoudemire/Baron Davis episode of the Mindy Kaling show is tomorrow night.

- Funny (and accurate) little follow-up to that Mitch Lawrence rumor about Marcus Camby being surprised at his three-year contract (which wasn't especially interesting to me in the first place, but there you go).

- Here's Raymond Felton's media day interview with Jonah Ballow. I love Raymond Felton.

- I overheard the conversation between Pablo Prigioni and Marc Berman that led to this article from a couple days ago. Kidney stones do not sound fun. Not at all. Listening to Pablo describe the experience was kind of hilarious, though, I must admit.

Them's the links. There was, of course, practice today. I wasn't there, but I'm rounding up links and quotes and photos and stuff and will have a post up once I've found everything there is to find. Tomorrow, practice will be televised on MSG starting at 11 AM, which is pretty great.

More later!